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Wendy's Gymnastics and Fitness for Children
...building your child's self-esteem through fun, safe gymnastics activities

Wendy's Gymnastics & Fitness is thrilled about the 2017-2018 school year!

Registration for summer is open, on-going and live...no
need to wait for a new "session" to start...join us anytime!

For your convenience we have switched from quarterly, seasonal sessions
to a monthly billing cycle. Enrollment is continuous and ongoing
throughout the school year with a monthly tuition based on an average
of four classes per month (except December which
is half. If you register
for summer classes, Aug will also be half). There's no long-term
commitment, no re-registering throughout the school year and your
child's spot will be held as long as you'd like! The monthly tuition will
be automatically debited from your credit card on file on the 22nd of
each month (or the next business day) for the following month of
classes. If you prefer a different form of payment, no problem! Just
make sure we receive it by the 21st on the month. Our classes
will start
on Sept
5, 2017 and run until May 25, 2018 (with a holiday break from
Dec 17-Jan 4...and because of that Dec is half tuition) and your child
will be enrolled until you tell us otherwise. If you decide to take a break,
just let our office know by the 21st of the month to avoid a charge.

Annual Family Registration Fee, if due.....$35
Tumble Tot 1&2, 2&3, 3&4 and 4&5…(40 minutes).....$79
Kinder-Girls, Beginner, Intermediate, Boys Fitness, Tumbling…(55 minutes).....$82
Advanced/Elite 8-12, Beg/Int 8-12, Boys Fitness 8-12…(85 minutes).....$107
Family discount: 10% off 2nd sibling, 20% off 3rd sibling, 30% off 4th and so on
A credit card on file is required to complete the registration process.

2017 Summer Schedule

2017 Summer Registration

2017 Summer Camps

2016-2017 Schedule (same for entire school year)

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Providing your child with
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is our #1 priority.

We appreciate and admire
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We hope to see you and
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